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A CollegeConnect testimonial

When you start any new project or initiative you really hope that your client or user’s experience is the one you hoped for. And when you receive a positive testimonial like the one that follows it’s really worth sharing!
We hope that our business network and referral initiative will continue to grow and that College Old Boys and College supporters will continue to put “our own first”.
I hope you are well and that College and the Foundation are enjoying a good year so far.
I wanted to write to you to tell you of my experience with Craig Newborn (College Old Boy 1998) and his company Offshore FX who I noticed in a recent newsletter were a Corporate Partner of CollegeConnect.
After remembering the piece I had read in the College Foundation email newsletter about Offshore FX, I reached out to Craig on Saturday when I was about to transfer funds to the UK through an alternative service provider to find out what was involved and what sort of fees I would be looking at to do the transfer.  Not only did Craig respond swiftly but he and his colleague, Alison, went out of their way to make my experience of transferring funds incredibly smooth and easy – and they saved me a large amount in fees in the process.
Everything was set up in a matter of 3 days and I transferred the money into my newly created account with them yesterday afternoon. By 9.30am this morning the funds had already cleared in my UK account.  I also did some market research prior to sending the money (as it was a substantial amount), and Offshore FX were at least 33% cheaper than their closest competitor.  They were in fact close on 75% cheaper than their most distant competitor who quoted me, and I am in no doubt that had I used a bank to do this, the fees would have been 400% – 500% higher than those I received from Offshore FX.
As part of their pledge to the Foundation, they are going to be transferring the 10% of their fee, to the College Foundation, and I would like to match that as a thank you for the referral and as a testament to the service Offshore FX provided.  I cannot sing their praises highly enough.
So apart from wanting to share this good news story, I wanted to also ask you where I should deposit my commitment?


Kind regards,
Andrew Mobbs (College Old Boy 1997)
CEO: The Hatchery
Thanks Andrew for sharing this story and to Craig, Andre and the team at OffshoreFX: hats off to all of you!

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