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First JHB Business Networking Breakfast

Our very first Business Networking Breakfast as part of the CollegeConnect initiative was hosted in Johannesburg on Thursday 25th October 2018.

Roughly forty Maritzburg College business leaders and entrepreneurs joined us at the Higher Ground Restaurant on the magnificent St Stithians’ campus for this introductory event.

The purpose of this networking breakfast, and hopefully similar events to be hosted in future in Johannesburg and other major centres across South Africa, is to connect College Old Boys’ with each other from a business and networking perspective.

Through this we aim to support the two main goals of the CollegeConnect initiative viz:

  • Recruitment and business mentorship : providing employment opportunities to College Old Boys and offering young businessmen and entrepreneurs support and development opportunities through a business mentorship programme; and


  • Developing a business referral network through which we can encourage Old Boys to make use of other Old Boys’ services


As College Old Boys we recognise the quality and value of the young men that our Alma Mater produces. ┬áThe support and development of these future young business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives is integral in impacting our society. The CollegeConnect initiative aims to put “our own first” in creating these opportunities, these networks and this support.

Whilst enjoying the scrumptious breakfast, guests were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and in 40seconds or less provide a brief introduction to their businesses or professions. It was also an opportunity to expand on what the vision for the CollegeConnect initiative is and to share some ideas on how this will be achieved.

It was heartwarming to hear from many of the guests how the Maritzburg College connection has helped them start out in business or has offered them certain opportunities to learn from or be mentored by fellow Old Boys.

The common message echoed by most of the guests was an enthusiasm to support this CollegeConnect initiative and a willingness to help “pay it forward” where possible.

Our CollegeConnect breakfasts are set to become a monthly event in Johannesburg and we hope to kick off similar events in Cape Town, Durban and Pietermaritzburg in the near future.

Old Boys who would like more info on this initiative, including receiving the monthly news update, or who would like to receive an invitation to the next CollegeConnect breakfast in their area can contact us at




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